Minecraft Update Brings New Content for the Endgame, and New Items


The latest update for Minecraft is now available for consoles, and it will bring the console versions almost neck and neck with PC versions in terms of content.

Minecraft 1.10 it’s called, and it brings with it substantial changes to the endgame, as well as adds new blocks, mobs, and items.

New End Cities and End Ships have made their way to The End, giving players a lot more to play around with once they’ve exhausted the game’s final area.

A new item for the chest plate slot, named Elytra, gives players wings. This allows gliding from ledges with control over descent and pitch – like a kind of Minecraft Batman! Be warned: if you try and glide upwards for very long you will stall and plummet – like a kind of Minecraft Icaraus! This item can only be found in The End, and cannot be crafted.

The new Update also adds brewing, the tutorials for banners and the Elytra item, and new status effects like luck and levitation.

For the full notes on the update, click here.

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