Meet the Nacon Revolution, Another Officially Licensed Third-Party Pro Controller for the PS4

The Raiju has a competitor.

Sony has just unveiled the Nacon Revolution, a third-party controller designed by Nacon that’s meant to serve as a pro or elite gamepad for the PS4. This one looks a little bit sleeker than the Razer Raiju, and you can check out the new trailer down below.

While the Revolution is missing the four buttons at the bottom of the controller than the Raiju had, the layout does make it look a little less chunky. The controller doesn’t come with extra paddles on the bottom like the Xbox One Elite does, but it includes additional buttons to help you with quicker control access. Of course, users will also be able to download an app to help with button remapping and other quality of life functions. As a controller meant for the esport player, this is another contender to look at if you weren’t a fan of the Razer Raiju. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if Sony actually made their own elite gamepad instead of having third-party companies do that?

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