League of Legends Players Can Now Liven Up Holiday Parties With This Disturbing Gangplank Song

League of Legends has seen plenty of custom music and holiday fun over the years, but never much a combination of the two. That’s why player and YouTuber I Eat Oranges has created this highly disturbing Gangplank Christmas tune.

Set to the music of Jingle Bells and perfect for blasting at any upcoming family gatherings, Jingle Barrels features Gangplank singing of his favorite Winter activities. These include skinning people and ripping vital organs from their bodies. Here are a few lyrics so that you can sing along!

“Strike while the barrel’s hot,

Cut ’em from stem to stern.

I’ll make sails of their skin,

Hack their kidneys out.

One slash ear to ear,

Paint the docks in their blood.

Crying won’t do any good,

Ha ha ha ha ha!”


On the less graphic side of things, the official League of Legends holiday Snowdown event is underway now through Jan. 9, 2017. The festivities include a snowy Summoner’s Rift, some legacy icons, and of course, the return of Legend of the Poro King game mode. There’s also of course the Snowdown skins, Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves, and Winter Wonder Karma. You can check out all the seasonal fun on Riot’s Snowdown 2016 page.

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