Killer Instinct’s New Character, Kilgore, Has Machine Guns for Arms

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Just when you thought fighting games couldn’t top themselves with an actual dinosaur in King of Fighters or a guy with a cheetah head in Tekken, here comes Killer Instinct looking to raise the bar of ridiculous. The free to play fighter will be adding a new character named Kilgore to the roster, and his hook is that he has machine guns for arms. Yes, really. In a video for the upcoming patch, they teased revealed the new character. Check it out below.

Community manager Rukari Austin indicated that before players can use him in Killer Instinct, they may end up going toe to toe with Kilgore with “opportunities.” Exactly what those are or when they’ll arrive is unclear, but one imagines that news will drop pretty soon. He’s set to arrive in January, and one presumes that his opening line will be something like “I’m armed and dangerous!”

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