6 Incredible, Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice in Final Fantasy XV

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Too Hard on the Brakes

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Your adventure in Final Fantasy XV will see you hopping into the car with Noctis and co. to speed up your traversal around the world of Eos. While Ignis will often take the helm when it comes to ferrying you and the rest of your friendship group around, Noctis will sometimes have the option to get behind the wheel and take the Regalia for a spin himself.

During these moments, you may have noticed the way characters look around at the scenery as you’re cruising by, or the way their hair blows in the wind. However, it gets even more impressive when you slam on the brakes. If Noctis gets a little heavy footed, the rest of the team will all react accordingly, many of them looking pretty unsatisfied as they grab onto anything in their nearby vicinity to steady themselves. It’s these little traits and actions that make your band of protagonists feel so realized in the world around them.

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