Gears of War 4’s New Maps Arrive Later This Month, Along with “Gearsmas” Event


Mo’ maps, mo’ kills.

Gears of War 4 is getting a new pair of multiplayer maps for fans to blast each other apart in. Replacing Gridlock and Relic, Speyer and Glory will show up in the playlist on Dec. 13. Speyer is a map set before the Locust War, and Glory has a fortress in it, which is home to a mounted turret. Check out the flyby videos of both maps below.

All Gears 4 maps will be free in public playlists on a rotating basis, but if you want the ones taken out of rotation, you can buy the season pass or buy the maps individually. For those who already own the season pass, you’ll get to play them a week earlier on the 6th on the “Developer” playlist, which also nets you extra XP and credit rewards for the window.

Gears of War 4 will also celebrate the holiday season with an event that they’re calling “Gearsmas,” where players can gain holiday heads, “new content” to earn, and a winter-themed version of an old Gears weapon. There’ll be more details on that soon.

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