Final Fantasy XV Becomes the Fastest-Selling Title in the Franchise’s History

Final Fantasy XV

The adventure is finally here!

Final Fantasy XV was released after more than a decade of development and players can finally get their hands on the long awaited title. Square Enix went all out when it came to marketing and it looks like this, along with the strong review scores, have helped Final Fantasy XV become the fastest-selling entry in the franchise’s history.

According to Gamatsu, Final Fantasy XV sold over 5 million digital and physical copies with the first day of being released. The game is also doing very well in the East and, in Japan, has broken the record for most digital sales for a game within the first day of release, according to Famitsu.

Square Enix is no doubt very pleased at the game’s success, which will only grow over the course of this week. We’ll be interested to see if the game has managed to debut to the top of the UK game chart next week (it probably will).

As mentioned earlier, the reviews for the game have been mostly positive and it has been praised for it gorgeous graphics, fun gameplay, and engaging characters. It looks like this is the Final Fantasy game we were hoping for.

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