Destiny Player Gets a Working Gjallarhorn Replica from His Wife for Christmas

Wolfpack rounds don’t activate, but still cool.

Ah, Christmas. The time for family, love, holiday specials, and tons of gifts. Some folks got clothes, or books, or games. But then there’s Reddit user jagger393939, whose wife made a replica of the Destiny weapon Gjallarhorn.

Not only does the Gjallarhorn replica have the rocket launcher’s honking noise, it also works! Granted, it fires Nerf darts instead of actual rockets, but that’s still pretty cool. He’s already got plans to use it to deal with the “annoying dog” from next door, so there’s that. It’s a great Christmas present from his awesome wife, for sure. To see the photos of the Destiny rocket launcher, just go ahead and click here for his photo album.

The Gjallarhorn replica is another addition to the stunning real life recreations of video game weapons and locations that have happened across 2016. Earlier this year, someone made the Titans of Titanfall 2 completely with Legos, and another made the multitude of weapons from Overwatch with the colorful bricks as well.

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