Death Stranding is Just Hideo Kojima Creating His Own Ships, and We Can Prove It

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Hideo + Andrew House

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How it Started: After Kojima’s departure from Konami, everyone was wondering just where he’d go next. Perhaps unsurprisingly, last December, he announced that he’d be partnering with Sony on a new game franchise, which we now know to be Death Stranding. He did this with a video where he and PlayStation Global CEO Andrew House sat down to discuss the exclusivity. And in that video, you can clearly tell that House is so happy to be near this man. Just look at his smile. He’s so happy.

Ship name: Hidedrew

Where are they now? Sadly, neither Kojima or Andrew have been seen together since. No parties, no emails, nothing. While they’re sure to be in contact with each other for work purposes, what about when they’ve clocked out for the day? Are they on a break? Did they completely split?!

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