Civilization VI Gets a Winter Update, DLC Includes Poland and Viking Scenario Packs

A new conqueror enters the fray.

Civilization VI has just gotten its big winter update, and it comes with a series of bug fixes and adjustments. These adjustments are pretty nice, and players will now be able to play on an Earth map, use the Alert option for their sleeping troops, and even replay those awesome Wonder completion mini movies. You can check out the full list of tweaks in the patch notes here.

In addition to that, the game’s first DLCs have also dropped. The first is the inclusion of Poland as a playable civilization. Poland’s leader is Jadwiga, and players will be able to conquer the world with this new civilization. The DLC also comes with a scenario in which players must protect Poland, Vienna, and Prague from Teutonic Knights and the Ottoman Turks.

The second piece of DLC is the Vikings scenario pack. This pack adds a few new City-States, three new Wonders, and also comes with a scenario that lets you raid England as a mighty ruler. Pretty neat stuff.

Civilization VI is now available on PC.

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