Catherine and Bully: Scholarship Edition are Now Backwards Compatible on the Xbox One


Slingshots and snuggles.

The list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One grows with three more titles today. First up is Bully, Rockstar’s 2006 game about 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins being sent to Bullworth Academy and rising through the ranks of the school system. The Scholarship Edition of the game is playable on the Xbox One, which features new missions, characters, and classes, along with two-player minigames. Next up is Atlus’ Catherine, the relationship sim about a man in love with two women who both have the same name. Finally, there’s the Xbox Arcade game Raskulls, where players have to use brick-breaking wands to make the fastest route to the end of the level.

If you own digital versions of Bully, Catherine, or Raskulls, they’re automatically made backwards compatible and should show up in your Purchased list on your Xbox One. Otherwise, you’ll have to hunt down a physical version of each game, or just buy them on the Xbox Store for their respective prices. (Raskulls is $10, while Bully is $15 and Catherine is $20.) Happy gaming!

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