5 Things We Learned From the Mass Effect: Andromeda TGA 2016 Trailer

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Cutscenes and Dialogue Trees Look Great


One of the biggest complaints I had with the original Mass Effect trilogy was that most of the cutscenes and interactive dialogue sequences in those games looked too robotic and static. The camera would cut to Shepard’s face as he/she spoke, cut to the person they were speaking to, and then cut back to Shepard. The characters would occasionally fold their arms, or shake their heads, but there wasn’t anything too appealing to look at here. Heck, you couldn’t even watch Shepard punch a reporter because half of that action happened off-screen.

However, Mass Effect Andromeda seems to have remedied that. In a conversation between Ryder and a mercenary, you can actually see the characters moving around in a believable manner. Even as Ryder reacts to the gun drawn on her, everything looks at least somewhat cinematic, and less cartoonish than they did in past games. Great improvement, BioWare.

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