With EA Focusing on Star Wars Battlefront, Don’t Expect Another Battlefield Anytime Soon

Battlefield 1

Don’t expect Battle for a few years.

Earlier this fall, EA and DICE released Battlefield 1, which took the long running series to 1918 and garnered a lot of critical acclaim. According to CFO Blake Jorgensen and reported by VideoGamer, this will be the final entry in the series for a while, as they’ll be devoting their time to the next Star Wars Battlefront title.

At the NASDAQ Investor Program, Jorgensen said that they “won’t have another Battlefield back for a couple of years. Next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game.” Thus far, all we know about the sequel to the 2015 shooter is that it’ll have more substantial content, including a single player mode and content from the new movies.

With how DICE and EA supports their games, it may mean that they’ll support Star Wars Battlefront 2 for at least two years, similar to what Ubisoft is doing with Rainbow Six: Siege. This roughly lines up with how the Battlefield franchise has handled numbered entries–the 3rd game released in 2011, the fourth in 2014. Of course, Battlefield 1 will still be receiving DLC that’ll hopefully cover the years long gap between this and the next title in the series.

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