Battlefield 1’s New Mode is Full of Shotguns and No Health Regen

Battlefield 1


You’ve probably been playing Battlefield 1 over the past two months and been loving all those shotguns of yours, right? Well, it’s time to kick that up a notch with the new mode for the game called “Eye to Eye,” wherein everyone’s got a shotgun. Oh, and there’s no health regen, because why would there be? It’d just get in the way of all the fun.

The new custom game is set strictly on the Amiens map and will lock everyone into the Assault class, and if you get got, you can’t be revived. At all. As the blog post states, the mission is simple: you kill or be killed. It’s available now in the Custom Games tab in Battlefield 1, ready for you to try it out. It’s meant to be fast paced, so don’t take it slow here. As the saying goes in the movies, if it moves, kill it.

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