A Look Back at the Hardware, Releases, and Surprises of Nintendo’s 2016

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Still Pushing That Wii U at First


You gotta hand it to them, Nintendo kicked off 2016 still adamant about supporting the Wii U. We totally get it, giving up on hardware that millions of fans have purchased only a few years after its release doesn’t usually go over very well. But, even with more time, the platform’s struggling third-party lineup failed to materialize in the face of its relatively low sales and power.

Towards the middle of the year, there were a lot of rumors swirling around something cooking behind closed doors, something that could revolutionize the Nintendo hardware lineup. It seemed the Wii U would finally be put to rest, though concrete plans would not come till months later. Meanwhile, the market was clearly losing interest, and if you could only pick one bad move made by Nintendo in 2016, this would probably be it. 

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