10 Cool Details From Games You May Have Missed in 2016

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Who’s a Good Boy? (The Last Guardian)


If there’s anything to take away from the games of 2016, it’s that waiting will eventually pay off. We’ve seen that with Frog Fractions 2, and learned it a few weeks ago with the release of The Last Guardian from Team ICO. Another game that’s been in development for a decade, the story of a Trico and his little human companion has won over a ton of gamers thanks to the successful dynamic between the two leads. As the Boy, you can interact with Trico in a handful of ways. While you can pet Trico for when he does a good job or just to calm him down, you can also keep petting him to the point where he’ll have a little nap. Given the adventure the two of them go through, a nap is definitely needed for the both of them. 

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