Watch Dogs 2 Has 8 New and Improved Features to Look Forward to

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Marcus and DedSec

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Watch Dogs 2 had a lot to prove after its ambitious predecessor wasn’t exactly loved by the gaming community. It had a lot of potential, that much is true, but its protagonist was hard to care for and no amount of stellar side characters could change that. The sequel puts players in control of Marcus “Retr0” Holloway, a much more lively protagonist who isn’t always pissed off at the world. I mean sure, he’s rebelling against a corrupt system, but he has heart and humanity within him.

Then there’s DedSec, the hacker group that Marcus joins on his quest to rid San Francisco of CtOS. They’re a diverse cast of characters that add levity, emotion, and gravity to the game to keep it shifting and engaging. Characters are front and center in this experience, and that makes for an overall better game. 

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