Watch All of Sombra’s Abilities in Action in This New Overwatch Gamplay Trailer

Meet your newest Hero.

Sombra news is pouring out of BlizzCon today, including details on all her abilities. The new Overwatch character’s loadout focuses on hacking, with Sombra able to use her skills to silence enemy heroes, control health pack spawns, and even disable Torbjorn turrets.

She also carries around translocators, small devices she can toss around and teleport to at a later time. These can be leveraged to spawn deep into enemy lines, retreat out of a dangerous situation, and pop into the air, should Sombra throw a translocator and teleport to it before it lands.
Her ultimate, an EMP, hacks everything in the vicinity, though doesn’t do a lot of damage. Sombra can also go completely invisible for a short time, though will be knocked out of stealth if she’s damaged.

To demonstrate how all these abilities, mesh together, Blizzard unveiled a new combat video during their Overwatch panel. Check it out below and tell us if you’re excited to try Sombra out.


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