Star Wars Battlefront 2 Due for Late 2017 Release

star wars battlefront

Battlefront 2 will go up against Call of Duty.

Star Wars Battlefront was released last year and, although enjoyable, was a little lacking in features. EA confirmed that the sequel will include more content and it looks like that sequel is coming in about a year’s time.

According to VideoGamer, whilst speaking at EA’s Q2 earnings briefing call yesterday, CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that EA has “the next Battlefront coming a year from now,” with another Star Wars game set to be released before April 2018.

Earlier this year EA confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront 2 would be released next year but it’s nice to have a more solid release window. The game will be developed by DICE along with help from a new studio called Motive.

This late release window for Star Wars Battlefront 2 means that it will be competing with the next Call of Duty as the dominant Fall shooter. Are you excited to return to the Star Wars universe?


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