Someone Made a Template of the Sombra Boop and Now it is Up to Us to Create the Memes

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Sombra’s Boop is now internet famous

The newest Overwatch hero, Sombra, has been revealed at Blizzcon earlier today and is already breaking the internet. Sombra’s reveal was coupled with two animated shorts to introduce players to the character. One of the animated shorts titled “Infiltration” featured a surprising moment toward the end where Sombra confronts her target and makes a deal with her. Right before Sombra teleports away, she boops her target on the nose. If you haven’t seen the short yet, you can view it here:

Twitter user, Alpha Gamboa tweeted an image of the Sombra Boop, on a blank slate with her target and environment cut out. This gives Overwatch fans everywhere the opportunity to go crazy and create memes of the fun moment with ease. Thank you, Alpha Gamboa, for the image, now it is up to Overwatch community to reward you with some laughs. You can view the template here.

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