Set Sail With Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Brawl: Blackheart’s Revenge

Today at BlizzCon 2016 the next round of content was announced for Blizzard’s smash hit MOBA game Heroes of the Storm. Dubbed “Blackheart’s Revenge” this game mode will actually be asymmetrical which will add a new dynamic to this game’s combat. Instead of both teams have a core, only one will own one and are thus charged with defending it. Those who are not on the defending team will be attacking from the seas with Blackheart.

Heroes of the Storm

Given the huge success of their last brawl, which had a StarCraft II theme, we have little doubt about how much fun this will be. Plus, it features a ghost ship that makes it way down the middle of the map attacking all that get in its way. This is certainly an interesting concept and it will be interesting to see how the asymmetrical design goes in Heroes of the Storm.

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