South Korean Pop Stars Set to Participate in League of Legends Event

EXO in LoL!

South Korean singer/songwriter/actor and familiar face in the LoL community Kim Heechul of boy band Super Junior will be competing with fellow musician Byun Baek-Hyun from the group EXO in a League of Legends tournament.

Sponsored by SM Entertainment, the eSports competition will give fans the chance to play their favorite game with these pop idols in the event titled ‘2016 S.M. Super Celeb League’. Both Heechul and Baek-Hyun will divide two teams and partner up with regular players, with the two celebrity singers acting as the team captains. They will be joined by a few familiar faces, including pro-gamers Marin, Dandy and Easyhoon to do battle against a pro Chinese team.


The action kicked off earlier this week with a set of practice rounds, with the regular rounds beginning on Nov. 11, which will span across seven broadcasts culminating on Dec. 23. For those of you who are interested in watching the events unfold, be sure to check out Chinese broadcasting platform Douyu TV.


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