Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto Sings the Victory Theme After Winning a Battle, and it’s Adorable

Final Fantasy XV has finally hit stores after a 10-year wait and fans are in love with the camaraderie between the boys on their road trip around Eos. One of the standout characters from the team is Prompto Argentum, the goofball of the group who wields a firearm and loves taking pictures with his buddies.

If you’ve been following the game, you’ll know that the team are always talking to each other both on the road and in the midst of battle. What you might not know is just how great this in-game banter is, as discovered by some players who’ve been adventuring early.

As seen in the Twitter video above, both the Japanese and English Voice Actor for Prompto can (on occasion) hum the famous victory fanfare popularized by the series. Yes, he nails it, and it’s just as cute as it sounds. The jingle has appeared in most Final Fantasy games in various different forms, but I think this is the peak!

One more reason to love the adorable boys of Final Fantasy XV, and some solid evidence that Prompto may be the best of the bunch. Hopefully this tides you over while you’re waiting for the game to install, or if you’re already on your roadtrip, we hope you’re having fun out there taking back the throne.

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