Project Scorpio Will Continue to Have Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

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The Xbox One did itself a lot of favors by having backwards compatibility with old Xbox 360 games. Every week or so, Microsoft reveals a new set of games to join the lineup, and if you were worrying that Project Scorpio would render all that moot, don’t be. Engineering lead Mike Ybarra confirmed today on Twitter when asked if the trend will continue.

Since the initial announcement of Project Scorpio at this year’s E3, Microsoft has been fairly scarce on the details surrounding it. With the system coming in fall of next year, all that’s known is that it’ll have 4K support and be a “premium device,” along with supposedly being more powerful than Sony’s upcoming PS4 Pro. Even though it’s not out for another year, having backwards compatibility has to be another feather in Microsoft’s cap. It’s good that you won’t have to get rid of your Xbox 360 games with a new system.

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