Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Poke Ride Pokemon Needed to Fly, Surf, and More

Poke Ride Pokemon – Pokemon Sun and Moon

In place of HM’s, Pokemon Sun and Moon will use a Poke Ride system that allows you to call specific Pokemon for the skill you need whenever you want. Of course, you’ll have to unlock them first by reaching certain points in the story and certain areas. Once unlocked, though, you can use them as often as you like to break through rocks, surf, fly, and more.

Here’s the list of confirmed Poke Ride Pokemon:

Charizard – Has the ability to Fly.

Lapras – Has the ability to Surf.

Sharpedo – Has the ability to Surf really fast, jump in water, and crash through rocks.

Mudsdale – Has the ability to walk on rocky terrain.

Machamp – Can move boulders.

Tauros – Can run through and break rocks.

Stoutland – Uses its sniffing ability to locate hidden items.

Do keep in mind that these Pokemon won’t belong to you, they’re just part of the Poke Ride system. You can’t add any to your party, and they won’t join you in battle if you happen to fall into one. Still, it’s pretty cool to have help show up on the fly. It will prove to be a useful mechanic as players explore the brand-new Alola Region in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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