Overwatch World Cup South Korea vs Russia: Results and Highlights

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South Korea – 4

Russia – 0

After months of games and preparation, the Grand Finals for the BlizzCon 2016 Overwatch World Cup has finally arrived.  Dozens of countries entered into this tournament and now only Russia and South Korea have emerged as the front-runners. With the title of “World’s Best” on the line, expect both of these teams to bring out some of their best performances. With South Korea being the team to beat, it will be interesting to see if Russia can take down this Overwatch Goliath.

The World Cup will be a best of 7, with the first team to win 4 matches be the winner. Given the current meta has been shifting and changing, expect to see a lot of Ana, Reaper, and Lucio combinations as those have been utterly dominant during this entire tournament. Though given South Korea has been bringing out some unorthodox picks such as Bastion, it will be interesting to see if this throws Russia off of their game.  These will be live results and feedback so make sure to keep coming back to see who is leading.

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