Overwatch Relationships That Haven’t Been Confirmed but Oh Do We Wish

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Sombra is Reaper’s Daughter

Overwatch, Sombra

Despite getting to see quite a bit of her feisty personality in “Infiltration,” Overwatch fans still know very little about who Sombra really is. All we know is that she’s an incredibly skilled hacker, used to work with Los Muertos before becoming affiliated with Talon, and that her current collection of available skins is pretty underwhelming. What many fans are also hoping for, however, is that a Sombra-Reaper relationship will soon be confirmed. Many have already assumed that Sombra is Reaper’s daughter and the two certainly do have a lot in common from the skull symbols associated with each character to their knack for serving up some grade A attitude. If Sombra is Reaper’s daughter, it makes her decision to slam those giant iron doors in his face all the more entertaining. Not to mention that it would confirm that the extra growl in Reaper’s voice was, indeed, that of a father ready to scold his little girl.

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