Nintendo Promises to Restock Sold-Out NES Classic Edition Before the Holidays

NES, NES Classic Edition

Forget eBay.

Nintendo’s cutest retro console, the NES Classic Edition, went on sale this Friday morning and sold out within minutes of retailers opening. Demand is high for the little console, and scalpers are trying to sell them on eBay for upwards of $200.

More systems will be coming through the holiday season to keep up demand though, Nintendo said on Twitter hours after the launch. No additional information was given how and when the popular item will be restocked, but the company suggested those interested to contact local retailers and pointed to their official website for a list of participating retailers.

The NES Classic Edition is a small retro console that contains 30 pre-installed classic NES games, such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man 2, and more. It was designed to look exactly like the original Nintendo Entertainment System and can be easily held with one hand. The entire package costs $59.99, and does not support the original NES cartridges or has the ability to download more games through the internet.


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