Minecraft’s 1.11 Update Adds Spooky Mansions, Godly Treasure, and Llamas

The Java version of Minecraft updated to 1.11 on Tuesday, and adds a new location, a different type of Villager, and more ways to handle inventory. The “Exploration Update” is now available for PC and Mac owners.

The update introduces the Cartographer, a Villager who gives out maps marked with special treasure in exchange for emeralds. These treasure spots, including the Ocean Monuments and the Woodland Mansions – a new location shown in the trailer below, can be guarded by new enemies and traps.

Conquering the Illagers, the bizarro version of Villagers, in the Woodland Mansions grants players the Totem of Undying. This powerful item brings players back from death after receiving fatal damage from enemies or falling from great heights.

In addition, the update adds llamas that carry inventory boxes to store more items while searching for treasure caches. If that’s not enough space, the new Shulker Box can keep its contents after being broken down and appear as regular items. These Shulker Boxes can be stored in a player’s inventory and other containers, except for other Shulker Boxes.


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