Microsoft Celebrates Halo’s 15th Birthday With Tribute Video, Promises More to Come

halo 3

15 and going strong.

On Nov. 15, 2001, Microsoft released the Xbox, and with it, Bungie’s Halo. The first person shooter has since grown into a massive franchise with its own extended universe, right down to novels, comics, and live action series. In celebration of the occasion, Microsoft has released a tribute video. Narrated by Steve Downs, the voice of Master Chief, the video shows footage of the games and live action works, along with footage of people picking up copies of different Halo games.

The Halo franchise has grown from Master Chief’s lone adventures to new protagonists taking the center stage in their own solo adventures. The most recent entry in the series, Halo 5: Guardians, split Chief’s campaign time with Fireteam Osiris, an elite four-person Spartan group assigned to track him down and find Cortana.

As Downs says in the trailer, there’s more to come from the Halo universe. While 343 has already said that the sixth numbered entry in the series is in development, they haven’t shown anything for that project yet. And we all know that Halo Wars 2 is due out for release on February 2017. Happy birthday to you, Master Chief and crew. Can’t wait for more adventures!

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