Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Feature All Alien Races Seen in the Original Trilogy

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But there are plenty of new aliens to meet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the most anticipated games around and we can’t wait to find out when it is set to be released. Fans are eagerly reading up on any new information released and it looks like more details have been released on what kind of alien species we should expect to encounter.

In an interview with GameInformer, creative director Mac Walters revealed that not all the alien races we met in the first three Mass Effect games will be featured in Andromeda, but they could still appear in future games.

“We’ve designed the IP in such a way that they can all show up,” said Walters. “For hopefully obvious reasons, they’re not all going to show up in the first game.”

You may not get to see some of your favorite species’ from past Mass Effect games, but there will be new species’ to encounter, some of whom we even be crewmates aboard your ship, The Tempest.

Developer BioWare has stated that Mass Effect: Andromeda is the company’s biggest game to date. Publisher EA has confirmed that more of the game will be shown off at The Game Awards on Dec. 1. Here’s hoping the release date is announced then.

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