League of Legends’ Ultimate Elementalist Lux Skin Will Have 10 Different Forms (and Laughs)

league of legends elementalist lux

More lasers, more fun.

The next League of Legends ultimate skin is adding ten more Lux lasers to the game. I know, it’s exactly what you were hoping for.

Elementalist Lux, a skin we knew was coming for a long while, got a fresh batch of teasers today revealing her ten different element forms. Ultimate is League’s highest skin tier, reserved for 3250 RP creations that include special visual and voice effects for the champion. So far, the list of ultimate skins includes Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, and DJ Sona.

Few details are available now, though we do know a little about the mechanics of the skin from the League of Legends forums. Players will collect elemental power by landing spells on enemy champions, and eventually can use this power to master up to two elements. Element masteries grant you transformations, and can also be combined into a final form.

We’ll get to see even more tomorrow, Nov. 8, on a Riot livestream, where players will vote on which forms they want to see in action. According to Riot KateyKhaos, Elementalist Lux hits the PBE this week, and we’ll get additional details on the technicals then.

Oh, and one last point to consider: she will have ten different laughs.

What flavor laser will you be picking when Elementalis Lux drops? Let us know in the comments below!

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