Harvest Moon Spiritual Successor, Birthdays the Beginning, Coming in March 2017

Birthdays the Beginning’s release date has been announced on its official website. The game is widely considered the spiritual successor to Harvest Moon since it has a similar theme and is from the creator of the series himself, Yasuhiro Wada.

The game allows players to assume the role of a child with the power to shape a cube world into whatever they want. Meaning if they want a world with more mountains or one with more of a flat surface, they can do so. As time progresses and the world evolves, players will notice plant and animal life starting to pop up across their new world. Players are allowed to find new items and are able to document any wildlife they might come across, which should be a fair amount since the idea of mutations is brought up in the trailer.

Birthdays the Beginning will be released for Steam and the PlayStation 4, both digitally and with a physical release on March 7, 2017. Europe will get the game a little later, on March 10.


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