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Final Fantasy XV: How to Do a Link Strike


Final Fantasy XV: How to Do a Link Strike

Link Strikes – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV gives you a ton of different options in battle, one of which is Link Strikes. These powerful attacks see Noctis teaming up with party members for a special strike. Link Strikes break down into three different types: Command, Parry, and Blindside. Each one has a different way of activating.

Command Link Strikes are the basic ones you use, and they’re abilities that Noctis orders his teammates to use. These strikes are mapped to the left bumper or L1, and as the green gauge on the side of the screen fills up you can use them. Once you have at least one bar full, hit L1 and then select a direction on the D-pad that corresponds to each party member. They’ll pull off the Link Strike and give Noctis a chance to follow up with an attack. More of these kind of Link Strikes can be unlocked through the Ascension Grid, and some require more gauge charging in order to pull off.

The second type of Link Strike is the Parry one that Noctis pulls off when he successfully parries an enemy attack. This Strike will happen automatically as long as there’s another party member near Noctis when he pulls off the parry. Sometimes when an enemy attacks you, a large prompt will appear in the middle of the screen with the defend button. Hit defend and you’ll have the chance to then follow up with an attack — that’s a parry.

Finally, the third type of Link Attack is the Blindside Link Attack. Like the Parry one, these are pulled off automatically, in this case when Noctis attacks an enemy from behind. Once again, a party member needs to be near Noctis, but if they are a powerful move will be executed.

Learning how to properly activate all three types of Link Attacks will be the key to getting out of combat unscathed.

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