Final Fantasy XV Drops a Sick Beat with its ‘Ride Together’ Launch Trailer

The game that the world has collectively waited about 10,000 years for, Final Fantasy XV, is somehow finally here, and you can go play it right now.

But if your mind has not already been swayed by nostalgia or our review, maybe this trailer with that pairs anime-haired boys, giant monsters, and rap will do the trick.

So yeah, Final Fantasy XV looks great, but this trailer will either come off as mad corny or just cool enough to be appreciated. If you’re on the fence about the game, here’s what our reviewer had to say.

“I took that journey, drove that boat of a car, traversed mountains, and journeyed deep into dungeons, and I had the scars and memories to prove it. There, at the end, I found the classic heart of Final Fantasy waiting for me. Noctis’ journey, and that of the developers, brought me the essence fans have worried would be lost at either’s hand. Final Fantasy XV was quite different from everything I had ever expected an entry to be, but it turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for,” said Ishmael Romero.


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