Destroy All Humans is Available on PS4 as PS2 Classic

Destroy All Humans

Welcome (back) to Earth

The PlayStation 2 cult classic Destroy All Humans is now available in remastered form on PS4 via the PS2 classics range. The game has the usual up-rendering treatment to 1080p and has trophy support and remote play.

Released back in 2005, Destroy all Humans put players in the role of Cryptosporidium 137 – Crypto for short – an alien of the Furon race, sent to earth with two goals: rescuing a fallen comrade (captured by U.S. Air Force), and of as the title suggests, getting up to a bit nastiness. Players could make use of Crypto’s telekinetic powers, fly his saucer and abduct cows (of course), and disintegrate innocent bystanders with his death ray – classic.

The game received mixed to positive reviews when it was first released, but gathered a bit of a cult following. Its treatment of the subject matter was near flawless, paying homage to the Science Fiction of the 1950s and cult films like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Teenagers from Outer Space – both of which are not only real films, but were unlockable bonuses to watch in full!

Destroy All Humans costs $20, and can be purchased from the PSN Store now.

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