Black Friday Week in the UK Was Biggest for PlayStation 4 Console Sales Since Launch

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Great deals, more sales.

Black Friday sales have had a huge impact on the sales of PlayStation 4 consoles, as last week was the biggest week since its launch in November 2013.

Previously, the best week since launch was Black Friday of 2015 but this year’s sales have proven even more successful. The slim version of the PlayStation 4 was sold in many places for less than £200 and was bundled with a few high profile games that have now re-entered the top selling software charts. The recently released PlayStation 4 Pro may also have aided the sales figures as PlayStation fans continue to upgrade their console.

There is no news on how the Xbox One sold during Black Friday week but similar deals and the popularity of the Xbox One S means it is likely to have sold similarly well. There is also no information available on how the two consoles performed in the US during Black Friday week.

FIFA 17 also returned to the top of the software sales chart after its price was lowered by a number of retailers, knocking Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare off the top spot.

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