Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Coming to iOS and Android Devices in December

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Objection on the phones!

Capcom previously announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney would be coming to mobile devices. Today, the studio sent out a press release to reveal its release date. The original DS game will be coming to iOS and Android on December 1 and December 8 respectively.

Apollo Justice is the fourth main game in the Ace Attorney series, and it follows the story of young Apollo as a new attorney. Phoenix Wright himself also makes a cameo in the game. While not many fans enjoyed the game for its story and character development, this would still be a good chance for those who missed out on this entry to jump in, and get to know the origins of Apollo and meet the other characters.

Earlier this year, Spirit of Justice, which is the sixth main entry in the Ace Attorney series, was released on the Nintendo 3DS. Will you be picking this one up on your mobile devices? Let us know in the comments down below.

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