You Can See the Nintendo Switch in 3D Here Courtesy of Virtual Studio

So, word is out. You will have read or and seen all about the Nintendo NX – oops, that should be Nintendo Switch – by now, but have you gotten your hands on one? No, most likely you won’t have because that won’t be possible until March 2017; however, you can have the next best thing.

Courtesy of Virtual Studio via Sketchfab, you can feast your eyes on the Switch in full and glorious rotatable 3D. That’s the next best thing right?

As you can see, the 3D model gives you a sense of the build quality and of the look of the hardware close up. Of particular note are the analogue sticks, which look delightfully grippy, the four available shoulder buttons, and the neat little stand on the back – that will be handy when the joy-con pads are detached. What’s also worth pointing out is the skimpy width of the machine – perfect for taking out and about.

To see the Switch reveal trailer, click here, but in the mean-time what are your thoughts on Nintendo’s new console? Will it boast the games it needs to prompt PS4 and Xbox One owners to make the…switch (sorry)? Let us know in the comments below.

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