Wolfenstein: New Order Voice Actor Teases Sequel is Being Worked On “as We Speak”


The Order isn’t done yet.

2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order was a surprise hit among critics and gamers, bringing back protagonist BJ Blazkowicz in an alternate timeline where the Nazis won WWII and conquered the world. During Bethesda’s E3 conference last year, a mock cmd.exe screen showed several games that the studio has released over the last two and a half decades, and one was titled “New_Colossus,” with a release date of “xx-xx-xx”. The title comes from a sonnet by Emma Lazarus that BJ recites at the end of the game. According to BJ’s voice actor Brian Bloom, New Colossus may indeed be the next entry in the series.

In an interview with TwoLeftSticks, he said that the mysterious title “sparked a bit of wildfire. That subtle, very simple DOS language, going through the titles. Perhaps we’re working on that as we speak.” It wouldn’t be surprising if Machine Games was working on the title; a month after Wolfenstein: New Order’s release, creative director Jens Mattheis said that the studio would love to do a sequel and that they have a “very, very clear idea” for a follow up.

With the Game Awards coming in December, there’s the possibility that we may see a reveal for New Colossus there…

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