Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Wants You to Hunt Down the Zodiac Killer

Silent no more.

Watch Dogs 2 is a little under a month from release, which means that Ubisoft is about ready to get the hype train rolling for their open world sequel. To do that, they’ve put out a trailer for a mission that’ll have Marcus Holloway hunt down the Zodiac Killer.

Zodiac terrorized the people of San Francisco throughout 1969, and he was never caught during all that time. In the game, bodies are piling up all over Oakland, and whoever it is has been taunting the cops. Marcus has decided to go after Zodiac himself, and the Killer is eager that someone has finally followed his clues. Think of it like a test. A very death heavy test. The only way that you can get the Zodiac Killer mission and outfit (an orange jacket and pants combo, along with an “I Saw the Zodiac” t-shirt) is if you pre-order. Ubisoft hasn’t said whether or not they’ll be releasing later separately.

Watch Dogs 2 comes to the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Nov. 15.

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