Uncharted 4 Developer Goes Into the Creation of the Game’s Set Pieces


Roll it.

Uncharted 4 had plenty of blockbuster moments of over the course of its campaign, such as the motorcycle chase, driving through Madagascar, and the prison breakout. Animator Johnathan Cooper, who was the animation director for Assassin’s Creed III and lead animator the first two Mass Effect games before migrating to Naughty Dog in 2014, put a reel on his portfolio showing some of the big moments of the game.

Along with just showing off the craziest moments of the game, the reel also also shows the animation sequences in pre-visualization before the textures and assets were added in. You even see a pre-visual animation for Uncharted 4’s most unexpected moment: Drake and Elena playing Crash Bandicoot. If you’re interested in the rest of Cooper’s work from other games, you can go ahead and check out his portfolio right here. It’s all full of pretty cool stuff.

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