Titanfall 2’s Story Trailer Shows Off the Bond Between the Protagonist and His Mech

Titanfall 2

Of mechs and men.

Respawn has released a second single-player trailer for Titanfall 2 within the span of a week, this time focusing on the story instead of the gameplay. In the new “Story Vision” trailer, the game’s developers talk about the characters you’ll meet over the course of the game’s campaign, while also giving away some early game spoilers.

Much of the trailer focuses on what appears to be core to Titanfall 2’s story: the relationship between the protagonist Jack Cooper, and his mech, named BT. Described as a “very grown-up toddler”, BT will help Jack when he can, including by tossing Jack into the air to help him get to very high-up places.

Jack’s interaction with BT also involves dialogue choices, which is unusual for a purely action-based campaign such as this. In the trailer, the player can be seen making fun of BT, and BT replying with a more stoic response.

For a look at the gameplay of the single-player campaign, check out the previous trailer.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled to release on Oct. 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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