The Escapists 2 Shows Off Deeper Customization, New Escape Tactics In Reveal Trailer

The Escapists 2

Now you can sport a mullet!

Team17 released a reveal trailer for The Escapists 2 on Monday, a follow-up to their hit jailbreak game, The Escapists. The game was originally unveiled at Twitchcon over the weekend but the new trailer shows off even more new features for the sequel.

Among those features displayed in the reveal trailer is a deeper character customization in The Escapists 2. This allows players to put their own unique spin on the characters they make to the point where they can play as a girl, sport a mullet or go entirely bald if they so choose. There will also be new ways for characters to spend time in prison when they aren’t attempting to break out.

The developers are also boasting an entirely revamped combat system that features lock-on targeting and blocking. There will also be a number of different weapons and those weapons will fit into either the “light” or “heavy” category.

Perhaps the biggest addition to The Escapists 2 is drop-in/drop-out multiplayer options. Users can play with a split screen for couch co-op versus mode, or they can go online with up to three other players. The online multiplayer also allows users to collaborate in order to escape their prisons, or take each other on in a versus mode. The Escapists 2 is due to his PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.


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