Skyrim – How to Fast Travel Between Towns, Cities, and More

How to Fast Travel – Skyrim

Fast travelling is going to be your best friend in Skyrim. The world is massive, and you’ll be juggling a ton of quests constantly sending you to each corner of it. To make sure you don’t waste your life running around the map, here’s how to fast travel and save yourself a lot of headaches.

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re outside. You won’t be able to fast travel inside a cave, building, or other structure. Next, make sure you aren’t in combat and that there aren’t any enemies nearby. You won’t be able to fast travel unless you’re safe. And last up on the warnings list, you cannot fast travel if you’re overburdened, or carrying more in item weight than the max capacity your stamina affords you.

Then, pull out your map. Hit Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox to bring up your menu, then hit the down button to head to your map. Move your cursor over a landmark you’ve visited at least once before, be it a city, a cave, or other notable location. Select this, and choose to fast travel there at the prompt. You’ll then find yourself magically teleported to your desired spot.

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