Take a Look at the New Masks and Ornaments in Destiny’s Festival of the Lost 2016

Looking creepy.

Festival of the Lost was introduced last year as Destiny’s official seasonal Halloween event, and it’ll be making a return this year as well. All of the old masks from last year (the engrams, Cryptarch, Xur, etc) will all be coming back, and we’ll be getting a few new ones too. The new masks include a SIVA mask, a Wolf mask, a Lost Prince mask, a SIVA Iron Lord mask, and an Aksis mask, which looks pretty damn creepy. You can check them out at the DB Tracker site.

In addition to that, it looks like there are going to be a few Festival of the Lost exclusive ornaments too. Right now, the only Exotic weapons that are getting extra ornaments include: The Last Word, Bad Juju, Black Spindle, Thorn, and Red Death. It’s not clear how we can get these ornaments and masks just yet, but we’ll probably end up having to do a few silly seasonal quests for Saladin and the rest of the Vanguard in the Tower and at the Iron Temple.

You can check out all the new ornaments here.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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