Square Enix Design Classic PS1 Case for Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Launch

Old School Cool

In a very stylish move, it looks like Square Enix have been creating custom carts to celebrate the eventual release of Rise of The Tomb Raider on PS4.

For those not in the know, Rise Of The Tomb Raider was part of a Microsoft exclusivity deal which meant that the game was released way back in November 2015 for Xbox One, with the game now finally trickling out as a full release. The PC version came in January but the PS4 version finally arrived today, October 11.

A few lucky members of the community seem to have received custom-made PS1 cartridges with the game inside, complete with a full instruction manual and insert art. Of course, it doesn’t actually play on a PS1, and you can’t buy it, but aint it neat to look at? Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, and this is a class act. Bravo!

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