Every Right Move the Xbox One Made This Holiday Season

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An Impressive Revision

Xbox One S

As we approach the third birthday of both the PS4 and Xbox One, both consoles have offered up a revised platform to consumers. While Sony offered a slimmed down console with little else going for it and then a far more powerful system in the form of the Pro, Microsoft offered a bit of both in their Xbox One S.

It may not be offering anywhere near the firepower of the PS4 Pro, but that’s not its main competition. Instead, the Xbox One S brings HDR gaming, an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, improved design, and a fresh controller to boot. For anyone who hadn’t already picked up an Xbox One, the One S provides a hefty incentive. For those who already have one of Microsoft’s home consoles and the right display, the HDR and Ultra HD Blu-Ray player may be enough to provoke an upgrade.

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