PSVR’s Cinematic Mode Means You Can Finally Share the TV While Gaming

PSVR, cinematic mode

No more TV arguments.

If you’ve picked up one of Sony’s new PSVR headsets, then aside from the vast array of VR games at your disposal, you can also make use of the headset’s Cinematic Mode.

This Cinematic Mode allows you to display your games on a huge floating 226-inch virtual screen in front of you, so it’s basically like playing your games in a cinema. While this is certainly useful for those who want to block out the world and just enjoy their game in complete isolation, it’s also particularly handy for those players who are sharing a TV.

You see, PSVR’s Cinematic Mode will display your game in your headset, but as long as you plug in the PSVR’s earphones then you can enjoy your games without having to hog the TV. That allows your roommate, partner, or family member to enjoy watching TV or even play on their own console without having to kick you off yours.

You will need to stay relatively close to your TV, though, as your PSVR is hooked up.

Have you used PSVR’s Cinematic Mode for this reason yet? Let us know in the comments down below.


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