You Can Get the Indie Shooter Polygod For Free by Having These Binding of Isaac Achievements


Hint: it’s not a walk in the park.

Polygod, an indie roguelike first-person shooter has released in Early Access form on Steam, and comes with an interesting offer: you can get the game for absolutely free, if you have the prerequisite achievements in a completely different game: The Binding of Isaac. This unusual move comes despite the developer of Polygod, Amplify Games, having no connection with the developers of The Binding of Isaac.

Co-founder of Amplify Games Dominic Obojkovits said to Eurogamer that he thinks “Polygod will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac”. In order to get the free game, players must obtain the achievements necessary, and then use the same Steam account to message Obojkovits’ Steam account, Atomicdomb.

Here’s the achievements you will need specifically:

  • Hard Game
  • Eternal Satan
  • Eternal Cain
  • Eternal Isaac
  • Eternal ???
  • Eternal Maggy
  • Eternal Eve
  • Eternal Samson
  • Eternal Judas
  • Eternal God
  • Eternal Personalities

Considering these are some of the most difficult achievements to obtain in the game, it might take you a while—and no small amount of frustration to get these. A less challenging way to get Polygod would be to just shell out $8.99 for the game on Steam.


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